Career Advising/Planning

Career advising, assistance, and resources.

English as a Second Language resources

Language and cultural classes.

Financial planning classes

Budgeting, Social Security, retirement planning, college planning, Fidelity classes.


Paid and unpaid positions both on and off campus.

Introductory overview of all UC benefits programs

UC Bencom, Delta Dental, Fidelity, EAP, ARAG, UCRS.

Politics Department

Empirical and theoretical research situated in history and culture.

Learning Support Services (LSS)

Course-specific academic support services for all undergraduates.

Improving My Academic Progress (IMAP)

Partnership between EOP and LSS to connect students to academic and social resources.

Peer Advisor Leaders (PALs)

Current undergraduate students that provide academic, career, and social support to EOP students.

Textbook Lending Library (TLL)

Assist students in obtaining required textbooks that they would not be able to purchase on their own.

Crossing the Finish Line (CFL)

Provides personal, academic, and financial services for EOP and non-EOP students who have not completed their degree requirements.

Virtual Meeting Wellness Guide

Provides wellness suggestions to keep in mind when scheduling virtual meetings.